Conyne kite as a lifter for line laundry?

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Hey all,

Kind of new to this single line stuff and wondered if a Conyne kite would be ok for a lifter for line laundry?

I'd be making it my self, and thinking of one about 5 to 6 feet tall.  For line laundry there wouldn't be much to start with, i'd like to make some tails and tubes and if it would work I'd like to hang my prism flip kite and the EO 6's I've got on the way.  Not too sure if active kites like those would work too well...

In the long term some of the smaller inflatables like the plk micro octopuses and Rays (12 foot ones?) would be fun too.

A lot of my friends use big parafoils as lifters but I'd like to try something different, and I like the look of the Conyne's.  I also want to make it myself and don't trust my fairly basic skills with doing a parafoil yet lol.

And one more quick question, what would work better as a lifter size for size, a Rokkaku or a Conyne?

thanks in advance,


Delta conynes or dcs as commonly referred to are phenomenal stable liters.....
Go for it!

The flip will most likely not be happy on a line as laundry.....but you can try it..

The micros from peter Lynn come with a pilot foil that would work just fine....

I like a dc for lifting more than a adjustments needed....any wind.......they just fly.....a rok,might not be as mild mannered in unsteady winds....

DC's are great all around kites.  Good lift and they fly in just about any wind. If you want to go a little bigger (DC's can be large), Double DC's are very nice as well. Both are very stable.

If you add an EO, use a branch line so it can "fly". Be sure to add a swivel as they twist and dip. EOs are active flyers and do well without a lifter.

Thanks everyone, I can't wait to get started on the build  :)


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