It's Great to Fly Again

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After a year of not flying due to health issues, I got to fly yesterday. It felt great. There was decent wind in NW Georgia! I even got to try out a mid-vented Rev I had bought and never flown. Much smoother in the gusty wind. I flew until I was tired. ;D  So glad to be back! I'll probably be looking for a B Series fairly soon! So happy to be back to the dark side!

I still think of you as Reverend Jim.

Welcome back to flying.  :)

red sweater:
Quote from: RevJim on September 03, 2012, 08:56 PM

I flew until I was tired. ;D

That's quite a feat with a Rev! Remember, you could always bust out a chair at that point. ;)

Amazing what flying kites can do for the soul


Thanks! It's a joy to be flying again.:)  I've retired from my teaching job, so that leaves me with only my part-time staff position at church. Much more time to play now! ;D Yes, I was Reverend long before I got to fly a Rev. I think they go together well. Chair! Wish I had thought of that! ::) I'll stick a chair in the car next time I have decent winds. Maybe I can work a trip to the coast in fairly soon. I've never flown with a steady wind. I guess it's time to give that a try.


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