Can you fly any quad line "parafoil" as a dual line?
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I hope this is in the right spot if not mods please feel free to move. I just got a pretty good deal on an entry level 2.5m quad line parafoil but the catch is I've never flown anything in quad setup. I know that some of the prism quad foils are convertible from 2 to 4 line, can you do this with pretty much any quad line foil? Sorry if this is a newbie question, I've been out of kiting for about ten years and wow seems like alot has changed lol
you could.....................
but you would do better just flying it as a quad!!!!

Where are you located? someone might be near to give you some face-to-face help...
I'm located in north central Indiana. I'm going to try to fly it quad line first, (if I can get the wind to blow here lol), heck I only paid 40 bucks for it, I figured heck the lines and handles were worth that much! I know it's no fancy big name but I remember Go Fly a Kite used to make some half way decent stuff back in the day, here's a link to what I have, hopefully should arrive in the mail tommorow

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Ca Ike:
That one isn't meant to be a dual line kite.  IT has a lot of pull and quad line is the safe way to go on it.  That being said when it comes to power foils you really only use the brake lines to control forward speed of the kite and easy relaunches and clean turns.  You can tie the brake lines to the main bridle but I wouldn't recommend it.
Hmm, does that come with any kite killers?  I don't see anything mentioned in the description or photos.  They would probably be a good idea if flying it in higher winds.  Kite killers attach to the lower (brake) lines.  If the power gets to be too much, you simply let go of the handles and the kite collapses and loses all power - without losing the kite.  Definitely a safety feature you'd want to invest in if they are not included.

You could probably modify/reconfigure it to fly as a dual, but there is much more control in flying it as a quad.  I've move almost exclusively over to quad foils.  They're nice because you can also use the brakes to turn them quicker.  Something you simply cannot do when configured as dual.

I'm suspicious for $40, but do let us know of the build quality.  I'd definitely check the line lengths before you even fly it and make sure they're equalized.

That middle photo is kind of confusing, it's showing 3 handles!  Special version for 3 armed flyers?  ;)

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