Getting another new kite into the house! Ideas?

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In reading discussions in the Swap Meet forum it seems that many have a challenge getting a new kite into the house undetected by their spouse. Patrick McManus is a humorist that writes about life in the outdoors. I remember a short story he wrote about how to get a new shotgun or rifle into the house. He said that you have to get several into the house the hard way first. Once your spouse sees them as "those guns" instead of the specific number you are halfway there. Secondly, you make sure you always use a gun cabinet that has several open slots. When you buy a new gun, you have a friend drop by with it. The friend thanks you for letting them borrow it and in full view of your spouse you put it into the cabinet. I'm thinking a similar tactic might help with getting a new kite into the house.  :)


Wasn't your kite a different color?

No. This is it, remember?

No. It was different.

You must be mistaken because I showed it to you when I bought it.

No you didn't.

Yeah I did. I'm going out to fly now.

Wait. You didn't cut the grass yet.

Yeah I did.

No you didn't.

Yeah I did. It's shorter, you just can't tell. It'll need to be cut again next week anyway. Bye.


Tried something similar;
"Is that a new kite?"
"No, same old one."
"Are you sure, looks smaller?"
"Ah, they all look like that close up..."
Sneaking my B2 in! Thank god for matching sail patterns and colours.

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That a new kite?
No, I've had it. Don't you remember your niece flew it?
No she didn't.
Yes, it was the same kite.
Wife pulls up pictures on the computer.
See its the one she is flying.
But all I see is her and the lines, no kite.
Well thats not my fault, you took the picture. But it is the kite she holding the lines too. Honey don't roll your eyes at me.


luckily my wife has given up asking how many kites or if there are new ones or not in the house....and if she does i just say "it is for the website".....

the other trick was leaving it in the car for a few days after it arrived...then she would just think it is one more kite that i had taken out to fly and forgotten to bring inside...and does not think on it again...

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