before the rumors start ...


Chris and I are planning a major life change next summer.  If all goes to plan we will be moving to the Sacramento area where we will live with my son and his family.
We have been running GWTW since December of 2001.  It has been fun and exciting despite many ups and downs. Many of my closest friends came by way of GWTW. Friendships that i know will endure despite the changes ahead.
Due to slow sales and rapidly deteriorating health my plan is to eventually close the GWTW/Chico Kites online store before the move. But I want to make it clear that I have no intention of shutting down the forum.  I have some plans that I hope will make this place even better.
I am currently soliciting new sponsors for the forum and have added a support the forum button to the bottom of each page.  If you have found the Forum to be useful (or at least entertaining) and feel moved to help support us, please feel free to do so.
Thanks to all of you for your support over the years.

(this sort of thing is really hard for me to do and hope I didn't come across poorly)

Big changes are never easy Steve.

I pray all goes well for you and the move.

To be clear ... I am not dying (yet), the shop will remain open until early next summer.
I just wanted to get ahead of this as you will be seeing new kite retailers showing up as advertisers and I know how the rumor mill works in the kiting community.  ;)


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