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looking for specs for a deca 6 ul have most parts but the tappered ones are broke and directions say to insert to center spar with ferrule this center has like a ferrule wrapped in it and says stiff on it  is it the right one

What? Steve: do you have a picture???
also need the date it was made - would be the serial # on the spreader reinforcement....

any luck shipping out my rods???????

straightened out all my rods today just dont know which ones are yours i have them just dont know size i know you needed one and i got three but it seems i have 7 sizes that i have three of thats when i found the deca had broken rods or broken rod its a tapered carbon wrapped rod i have many tapered rods i was going to put super skinnys in but too small the kite says deca 6 ul on it its about 8ft tall without rods in it and doesnt have a hole in sail like my ther ones i will get serial   brb   it says 95-27 it looks like i have rods with silver ends go to silver end caps then the other rods two are tapered on taper has internal ferrule other has no ferrule but it is split the center one i have two same size one says stiff on it and is a little beefier the other is smaller in size but same inside like one was for higher winds i will change both tapers out to 3pt tapers thats what the others say does that sound right

specs say 6.65 carbon rods on deca 6 can i use 2 wrap instead they will fit and they are light or should i use the ul tapered rods that came with it if i use these they are sloppy in end cap if i use rev rods i have to reem washer out a tiny bit


there are a couple of different frames for the 6....
the skins are the same, just the framing is different.

For one of your age that should have GForce Skinny ULs on the tips and a GForce rod in between - iirc it should be the lightest excel GForce Rod...NEEDS to have both ends reinforced....

Most 6s had a .2650 carbon frame...pultruded.....great frame.....

I also had 2 6s that had Rev sticks in them.....these were both 1994 and older.

You can use what ever rods you want on will be fine...tapered rods work best for the UL framing on the wing is a tension based frame so there should be no slop anyhow......
i would plug the ends of the tapered rods to make sure that they do not get crushed.....


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