How to delete Photobucket photo

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I cant delete a photo in Photobucket.
I go to the photo.
Click on the gear icon, in the top right of photo.
Click on 'Delete' in the drop down window.
But all that happens is my screen goes dark...and thats it.
When i go to my album, the photo is still there.

How do you chaps do it.?


It needs to be your photo.
You have to sign in to your account.
Go to the album with the picture.
Hover over the picture and check the box directly below the picture.
After the box is checked go a little further down trhe page where is says "Select all / Unsecect all" choose action.
Click on choose action and click on "delete selected".

Cheers Mike.
But its not happening as you describe
I sign in.
Go to the picture i want to delete.
Hover over it, and a gear wheel appears in the top right hand corner of the picture.
I hover over that, and a drop down apears.
I click delete,in the drop down, and instead of deleting, my screen just goes dark.
Its nothing like what you described.
Incidental, the dark screen happens if i click'Create Album', so something is wrong :'(


Hang on Mike, i've done it :)
I was trying to delete useing Opera.
I just tryed Photobucket on Firefox, and everything works ok.
So its something to do with Opera.
However, it works as i told you, with the 'gear cog', and not as you said.

Anyway job done.

red sweater:
The lesson's probably learned already, but yes, when using a less common browser and finding a web feature not working (black screen? that should be a huge clue!), your first effort should be to try a more common one. Even if that means starting up iexplore.exe. :(


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