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I've just got a delta F tail xxl and would like some advice on what line i will need for it. I have been told i might need a line for light winds and a line for strong winds. Also i would like to use it as a lifter some of the time, so will i need a stronger line for this. Thanks in advance

just one line would be all you is big enough to lift the line weight all the time..
i would use 250~300# (140 DaN) all the time on could just go up to 500# (~220DaN) line and call it done in case you end up in high winds you would not need worry about the line breaking....just the frame instead ;)

it will be a great lifter too...

4m kite...nice one...

Thanks thief, must say can't wait to get it airborne. Can i check what the figures mean (250-300) is that breaking strain or what the line is, ie 250-300 Kg or lb line.

250/300/500# (pound) would be the U.S.found breaking strength of the line..
the Kilo test is relatively equal 1 to 1 for the DaN conversion that would work for the 220Kg or 140Kg line

I am guessing that you are over in the EU because as far as i know that kite is not sold here (it is a Colors in Motion designed kite that is most likely produced in the Premier Kites factory)...
so..the line you see in europe will be listed as the DaN

You are correct i'm in UK. So in US its 200lb / 250lb / 300lb line, doing a bit of research in UK that would equate to the below. Found in Uk mostly sold as KG or dan.

200 lb  /  90 kg
250 lb  /  113 kg  /  110 dan
300 lb  /  136 kg  /  140dan


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