lens mug


I know there are some photography nuts on here. I saw that midnightbox has a "lens" mug on sale today for 14.95

I had to Google that to see what you were talking about, too obvious ... LOL

Deal 4 might be of interest to some too, a keychain HD Video Recorder & Camera with support for up to a 16 gig Micro SD, just the thing to strap on your kite and turn our stomachs with a kites point of view video. $7.49

Just remember not to use it as a 'car' travel mug, would be a shame to have a window broken over a ' mug'...

Ca Ike:
Be warned.  These are not travel mugs and will not let you drink from them while driving easily.  I have a couple of the Canon ef ones and trying to get the lid off can be a pain so if you get on only drink from it at a stop or out of the vehicle.  THey also have a tendency to leak if you don't get the lid on tight enough and the liner tends to pop off the single screw under the mount cap end requiring you to break the glue on that cap to fix it.  They are not insulated either.


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