I will be in central Florida Nov 1 through Dec 15...wanna fly with me?

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I found a Treasure Island Sport Kite Klub (TISKK) but my email came back undeliverable.

So...I will try this way.

I will be there for work and bored on weekends.  I would like to fly Sat and Sun.

Anyone in the area want to join me or tell me where to go (others than Treasure Island which looks great!)?  Recommendations on kites I should bring (SUL,UL,std, vented)?

Hopefully I can connect with someone.


You should bring all your kites so you're not left wishing you had the vented or the SUL. You're going to have a great time ! Wish I was there.


Where in Central Florida will you be, might be to connect you with some flyers. Love to have you fly with us at Southpointe Park in Orlando.


I'd suggest connecting with Kiting Tampa Bay on FB.  I haven't managed to connect with them yet the last two times I was in Florida to see my father.  However, they fly at Treasure Island frequently (and you just missed their KiteOberfest). 


I realized that I did not indicate where I would be.

I will be in Brooksville, FL.  1 hr North and slightly West of Tampa.

However, I have a rental car and want to see how far I can go into the surf and still make it out.

Recommendations of any kite stores in Central Florida would be appreciated!

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