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Monthly Kite Fly!!!

What: SAKE (Seattle Area Kite Enthusiasts) Monthly Kite Fly
When: First Sunday of Every Month from 10am to 4pm
Where: Kite Hill @ Magnuson Park, see for directions

   * This is an informal group of kite flyers getting together to fly and have some fun - there are no scheduled activities beyond that.  Come to fly, chat, relax, and enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier.
   * The park has ample parking right off the kite field
   * Restrooms are within walking distance
   * Water is within walking distance
   * No food is available in the park, so pack a lunch or plan to get something (food is available within a few miles of the park)
   * Generally there are no other activities on Kite Hill, but it may occasionally happen especially during Summer, so check this thread before heading out.

I will post monthly reminders and updates here.  Obviously, this will be more fun during the Summer, but I fly all Winter (and so should you!)  :)

What a great idea!  :)

Ca Ike:
One of these days I'll get up there for an event. BE nice to meet all you guys in person.

Quote from: Ca Ike on October 27, 2012, 11:06 AM

One of these days I'll get up there for an event. BE nice to meet all you guys in person.

Sounds good!  I have flown with people from all over the world at kite hill.  I wasn't flying then, but when Prism was king, this was one of THE places to fly.  What's odd is that the wind, while often good enough to fly, is not often great.  Still, it's the most consistent I've found in the area.

DiHong, myself, and others have been talking about this for some time.  We decided to post here and see where it goes.  There are a fair number of flyers in the Seattle area now.  I would expect a pretty good turnout once we get some decent weather.


The forecast for this Sunday (10/4) looks like decent wind from the South at around 8mph, 50% chance of rain.

I have something going on in the morning, but will be there after 1.



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