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Good afternoon guys, newby here to this forum but a experienced kite flyer in general.

Been flying kites quite a bit, current stable includes (from smallest to biggest):

one unknown brand delta dual line super high wind kite,
a el cheapo beginner dual line low wind unknown brand delta,
HQ Symphony Beach 2.1 meter Dual Line
Flexifoil 10 dual line
Prism 3.0 meter dual line foil
HQ Quad 3.5 meter hydro quad line
HQ Beemer series 3, quad line five meter kite.

I have done some winter Kite skiing on the frozen lakes with the 3.5 and the 5.0 meter kites as well. I have also flown a stack of three Flexifoil 10's yesterday when two other flexifoil fliers found ourselves at the kite field at the same time, it was awesome!

Want to expand my kite flying to a stacker delta wing kites.  I have seen them at the beach and they look like they would expand the enjoyment I get flying kites. Problem is that there is not much information available other then "pretty much any delta kite can be stacked".  Not looking for cutting edge performance, have a couple hot rods perfectly suitable for when I want to rock and roll.  Looking for more of a relaxing experience with the visuals accompanied with mellow tunes through the ipod (hope that helps). 

Anyways, no real good kite stores near me, and unable to find any dealers on line although I have not searched much. 


1)  Can you recommend a good dealer online to direct me to for a 5 plus stack?
2) Found this on ebay:


ebay link removed  (Il Duce)


I have seen some used five stacks going for $200.00 but do not know what the extra expense buys you.  Not against spending the extra dollars but what is it that you get for the extra money?

Your evaluation of this ebay offer would be greatly appreciated!

Although I have had very good purchasing experiences with used kites, they have been kites that I am knowledeable about and had a very good idea going in what I was getting for my purchase.  In this case, I have zero experience with stacking other then watching other kiters on the beach and I have always been preoccupied with my own kites and to busy being an ambasador to the sport (answering questions and getting my smaller kites in newbies hands) to catch the stack fliers attention when they were wrapping up. 

Your recommendations and observations would be very helpful!


Hey Cranky..welcome to the forum!
One of the rules here is no linking to ebay sales....would you mind removing that from your post?

Stacking Duals:
you can stack any dual line best of course stacking the same version of the kite but i have seen some Frankenstein stacks of different kites piled worked....

There are some classic kites that stack very very well - I have sold a couple large stacks of Laser Sport kites that Smeagol(here on the forum) can attest to giving a good pull!
in fact i feel that the older design duals do better in a stack than the newer ones....they were simpler deisgns designed to fly straight and stable...

Of course the more you pay for a kite/stack the better quality (most likely) you will get.   I would be wary of buying a kite stack like that one in ebay that ships directly from Hong Kong...with free shipping included i am guessing that they  will be low quality materials (both rods and skin) and maybe questionable sewing on it as well...then if you want to contest the ebay sale having it based in another country it makes it a bit harder for you to just ship the stack back and get a refund....

There is a stack for sale in the swap meet that might tempt you:
These are the same kite design just sized down....a bit more $...but made by a quality kite maker!

Dear Thief:

Thank you for your reply and it looks like the ebay link is already taken care of. 

Any other comments will be greatly appreciated. 


Quote from: thief on October 28, 2012, 09:11 AM

Stacking Duals:
you can stack any dual line best of course stacking the same version of the kite ...


I have experience stacking some kites, here are a few

I do have a page that talks about stacking here

Hope this is helpfull

I have a 8 stack of adrenalines( the older nexus) I bought it as a 5 and added more.
I also have a 5 stack of microns
The triangle bag that comes with prebuilt stacks make them easy to setup and take down. Even if you are going to do build  your own stack I would say its worth it to make a bag. Less messing with having to put kites together.
If you are going to fly stacks for a long time or are heavy pullers you will need padded straps.
A helper is sometimes helpful if you make a mistake and tangle the stack
Pull the triangle bag out and attach the lines to the first kite.
Unwind the line and stake the straps down. A big screwdriver will do in a pinch.
You can then go back to the stack and lift them out of the bag and use the tension of the lines to "lean them against".
Put the standoffs in place and check that each kite is not wrapped up in the link lines.
If the stack has tails now is the time to lay them under the kites and get them untangled.
Return to straps and pull your stack into the air and fly!
Yes. I can axle my stacks but it is alot tougher with tails!
If you buy a premaid stack there is alot less tuning. You may find the last is upset that it's last in line and wants to jump out of line to see what it is going on in front. To help this you may find that you need to shorten the top link lines by a bit.
Once you get done flying I will generally fly the stack to the edge of the window and set them down. I can get them to stand up and 'touch down' neatly and near the bag.This may not be the case on your first attempts at landing!
This when its handy to have the stake to stake the straps again.
Return to the kites and undo the standoffs and pull the kites together. I then leave the bottoms corners of the bag zipped up a bit and set the corners of the kites into them.
From there I just zigzag the tails into the bottom of the bag.
I'll then go back to the straps and wind up the lines, disconnect them from the kites and zip up the bag

They are great attractions to fly!


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