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Just a quick word hoping that anyone in the proposed path of that little disturbance on the east coast finds themselves prepared and plans to stay safe........We are all watching and praying for it to peter out with no damage or further loss of life.


I am up here on the waterfront in Gloucester Massachusetts (north shore above Boston that sticks out)....all of my fishermen (I am the business manager for a group of 45 active fishing vessels here) have tied and double tied off.....tides are high.....winds are far no issues....but..they are all tied up for a couple of days as the seas lay back down....

here is a nice tool that Google has compiled....looks like the mid atlantic guys are engulfed right now...

Ara Ararauna:
All best wishes from across the Atlantic.


Hunker and stay safe!

We're thinking of you all!  :'( ...and if possible keep us posted!

Stay safe all of you east coasters. High ground. Nothing wrong with running from a big A$$ storm.


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