Is everyone on the East Coast O.K.?

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Our kite family is a sharing of ideas and thoughts.  I am hoping the people on the East Coast are doing O.K.  RobB lives out in Long Island.  Hope to hear from him soon.  Here in Detroit winds have been high since yesterday.  I assume most have seen the Footage on the news.  Just feeling a bit sorry for the East Coast today..your in our prayers.... :-[ :-[

Rob Banks posted a pic on Facebook earlier this morning.  Still waiting haven't heard from Sammy in NJ.

yeah....our seas are still high up here in Mass.....but the power is back on all over the place....hope the guys south of us are okay......

trying to get a hold of Ben H too down in Philly.....harumph

Hey Steve.. Right here..No WiFi. Still have 3G... Doing a good deal better than a lot of folks.. Especially those at sea level..


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