Bet you can't do that: +540-540
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Ara Ararauna:

Today it was a really low wind day but in the evening I had a few minutes of soft breeze.
So out went my TalonUL.
I thought I would try the 540.

So I dive the kite, I give slack asymmetrically, give a pull to the right line and the kite starts to turn.
But I initially forgot to give more slack so the lines started to get tangled on the kite. The kite was not stopped though because I then did give more slack.
So the kite did a nice 540 turning from left to right (+540).
When the 540 was over I pulled the lines to get the kite flying back up.
BUT at this point what happened was that I actually caused the lines to untangle from the kite.

So the kite started a 540 turn from right to left!!!  :o

So I gave slack immediately and the kite did the full 540 but in the opposite direction (-540)!

When the -540 was over I then pulled the lines and the kite flew nicely back up out of the figure.

Of course I will not be able to reproduce this and unfortunately I have no video proof, so you will have to take my word for it.  ;)

So I challenge everyone to post a video showing this +540-540 figure.  :)
(with tangling lines, of course)



I have done the same thing twice but no video.

Used your same light wind technique.  :D 

While I'm good at not giving slack, but not consistant enought to get the same tip wrap to repeat this trick on command.  :D

For the record this trick is a 540 in one direction then a 360 the opposite way.  ;)


I had a similar low-wind day today too...
Thought i'd work on the 540's and cracked a nice one on the 2nd attempt with my Inner Space.   Surpised myself!  8)
I did this multiple time with my Big Bang from NTK. It has a tendency to tip wrap if not given enough slack. This is possible only on a perfect day smooth breeze. Unfortunately we don't have a video for this is cannot be done intentionally neither. :)
On my other kites, i don't get such super flat 540s but they spin rather quicker than the Big Bang. Anyway i take it out only when practicing spin tricks (540, axels, etc)
It's not a -540, but I think this is something like you're describing. Works on most kites in the bottom of their wind range...
Starts at 1:40.

Fearless Tattoo Feb.2012...

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