R-sky Krystal Standard Opinions?
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Anyone have any experience with it? Heard a lot on the KFX but not Krystal...
Wondering what's the difference other than size?
How is it's trick/track performance?  ::)
Quote from: messyboy on November 04, 2012, 07:10 AM

Wondering what's the difference other than size?
Pretty much everything.

The Dot Krystal is a bundle o' fun, especially when you chuck some of the nicer carbon at it. The Krystal is, in standard trim, a Team kite that has some tricks in there somewhere. And yes I am drawing your eye towards the parallels with the Matrix/Dot Matrix. The K. is a big kite that takes up a lot of sky.

There is a semi-official set of mods. to turn the Krystal into a "trick monster" ::) but why bother. There are other kites already made to do that.

As Mike says, big slow team kite, that can do some other stuff.
This very nice team video may answer some of your questions:

Le cerf-volant acrobatique Krystal sur bilboquet.com
Total agreement.

Big, slow, super-precise, some tricks, can pull pretty hard.

To me, the Fury and Krystal are very similar team style kites.

I always thought the Krystal reminded me of a penguin with a bow tie.
The grey beak is just above the red bowtie. White eyes next to beak.

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