R-sky Krystal Standard Opinions?

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Anyone have any experience with it? Heard a lot on the KFX but not Krystal...
Wondering what's the difference other than size?
How is it's trick/track performance?  ::)


Quote from: messyboy on November 04, 2012, 07:10 AM
Wondering what's the difference other than size?
Pretty much everything.

The Dot Krystal is a bundle o' fun, especially when you chuck some of the nicer carbon at it. The Krystal is, in standard trim, a Team kite that has some tricks in there somewhere. And yes I am drawing your eye towards the parallels with the Matrix/Dot Matrix. The K. is a big kite that takes up a lot of sky.

There is a semi-official set of mods. to turn the Krystal into a "trick monster" ::) but why bother. There are other kites already made to do that.



As Mike says, big slow team kite, that can do some other stuff.

white wing lover:

This very nice team video may answer some of your questions:

Le cerf-volant acrobatique Krystal sur bilboquet.com


Total agreement.

Big, slow, super-precise, some tricks, can pull pretty hard.

To me, the Fury and Krystal are very similar team style kites.

I always thought the Krystal reminded me of a penguin with a bow tie.
The grey beak is just above the red bowtie. White eyes next to beak.

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