Help identify the source of these SLKs
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I recently picked up these kites as part of a collection, but they don't have any labels or instructions included in the sleeves (I'm pretty sure the sleeves are not original to the kites).  I'm wondering if someone can help ID them. 

Thanks in advance.

They look like Cody derivatives made by Dan Flintjer.
Take a look at this website:

I have a Cody made by Dan that has a tail similar to your top kite and a front section like your bottom kite.
Hope this helps.
Both of those are very attractive. I love the red and black cody especially. Great colors.
They both look cool...not certain if they were made by Dan f or not....
Where did the kites come from....maybe someone regional made them.
Hey Boomertype - I think you nailed it.  They are both very well constructed, and I think you are right - they match the Cody type that's pictured on his web site.  I'm wondering if he licensed any kites to Gomberg, because I found a link to Gomberg on his web site.

To answer where I found these - I picked these up off Craigslist.  They were part of a big kite collection, and I was lucky enough to be the first person to reply and show up.  The collection is pretty much all SLKs - lots of deltas, delta conynes, and some Roks in the collection.  There are some gems like these kites and a few other unique/custom kites like Dan Leigh deltas, Kevin Shannon rollers, and an old 1991 hand made George Peters Pterosaur kite. 

The Codys are both keepers for sure.
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