Elixir vs. Illusion vs. Vapor

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Ara Ararauna:

Hi, (I searched this web site for this and found no previous talks)

I am thinking of getting an "old school" Prism kite as my next kite.

I like a lot the Elixir (Spectrum specifically) http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/2687/362127020544b575983.jpg
the Illusion, like this one: http://www.kareloh.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/illusion.jpg
and the Vapor, like this one: http://www.windpowersports.com/images/kites/prism/vapor/vapor.png or this one http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x13/jediturtle/kites/DSC_2250.jpg

So, my question is, although they are "old school" which one is the more apt tricker (flat spins especially)

I thought I had a clear choice towards the Elixir, but I also like the other a lot so I need something to help me choose for this next "investment"  ;)



Vapor...if you can find one is a super duper ultra light wind kite.....worth the money if you find one....master of flat spins....
Elixir and Illys are more normal wind ranges kites......and slightly more prevalent in the used kite world....

Ara Ararauna:

Thanks Thief.

Oops, I had missed the fact that Vapor is so SUL...  :-[   (I should have guessed by the name...)  ::)
I was not planing on buying an SUL but now that I come to think of it, I already have an STD and a UL so it would indeed complete the collection...

Hmmm... yes, perhaps...

In any case, I'm still open to more opinions.



Ha, that's my Illusion. Love that kite. Great sideslides!
You might consider getting an Eclipse if you can find one. Still very oldschool (designed years before the Illusion) but also capable of a lot of newer school tricks. Certainly a lot more then the Illusion.

John Welden:

For standard wind kites, the Illusion would be the best flat spin kite on your list, but it's not all that great compared to other kites that were made around the same time. The Trick Tail is probably king of flat spins.

If you want to stick with Prism, the Prophecy is quite nice for flat spins and easier to fly than the Illusion.

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