Synchro - finally put back together
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For something as important to me as getting a virtually timewarp condition Synchro back into the air I took my good, sweet time finding good enough tubing for the connectors. But now the job is done. Behold !

#324 "Randy's Ram"

This will be one of the very few times when it is outdoors. In what I perceived as no wind and with a random set up just to see how things are, a little tension on the lines had it hovering overhead in an instant and still feeling overpowered.

Many thanks to Charly at Kite Classifieds for the sale.

Tell me you at least put it up in the air once. Please.

A kite worthy of your collection. Thanks for the pics.
Quote from: chilese on November 15, 2012, 09:44 AM

Tell me you at least put it up the air once. Please.
I gave it a quick flick, just to savour those tabletop 540s...... but it was over powered in wind I could not feel. It deserves the correct environment and a community nuclear defence bunker carved into very solid rock might just be it. There's one near.

Did you weigh, mark, and flex-test the spars? ;)

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