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david barnby:
decade ago we wrote about the old days and the old kites. 'twas a decade ago already. sl7's were old then. is another 10 years and i still can't fly the darned thing. had to make thread writing interesting back then 'cause within 60 minutes there would be 20 new threads started pushing carefully crafted word-smithing down into the depths of the unread posts in the website discussion pit.

last couple of days have looked in and finally saw a thread asking after kite contacts on the east coast. is the only post since.... since how long...?

gosh i feel bad. how come i haven't been writing more and reading more in here

no disrespect to those doing a quick ping about photo gear or aka membership but where's the meat? hours days and now weeks of zero posts will take us to where kc and bmk forums journeyed. am as bad. ron g no longer a member, andrew and john not duking it out?

did all kites become the same? is there no gem vs elixir anymore? do we not go out to a field and think how to shape the words we want to use to share some sublime piece of nothing we got from our piece of exotica while we fly the lines?

In Forum years, GWTW is an old geezer.

While I encourage new blood, the old crowd has

flown about everything they can get their hands on.

Sport kites themselves have evolved high enough on

the asymptotic curve to be pretty darned close to

one another.

Barring Lam making another eye kite with more vents

and the ability to fly in negative wind to 40 mph, we

are left to the whims of our imaginations and older

kites to which we return to stay grounded.

Come fly Vapors with Bambi and me again.

We miss your skinny body.  :)


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