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david barnby:
have got me a new bicycle on the way (moulton tsr30-te) 'cause i am hankering for some long distance stuff after next spring. got me thinking it would be even harder to kite carry than on my motorcycles which always manage a rev or two and often an obsession gets strapped across the handlebars. the tsr, like all moultons is (supposed to be) a fine luggage carrier and i am thinking i might get a couple of full size kites unbroken to hang from the side of its rack and still be able to ride safe. can the two activities be combined? camera, bike and kite. even 3 together? - hmmm, yum yum

If you get a direct drive bicycle, you can pedal and ride

backwards and fly the kite filming you.  :)

I'd watch it.

You sure have some funny looking bikes on the other side of the pond. ;D

Can you carry the kites vertically off the rear rack, an ATV gun rack on the handle bars, or messenger bag style over a shoulder in a Prism speed bag?

Quote from: Turkey9186 on November 16, 2012, 06:03 PM

You sure have some funny looking bikes on the other side of the pond. ;D

Not all that funny looking.... that's how a lot of collapsible transit bikes look like on this side of the pond too.

The leading link suspension up front and dry cone suspension out back are kind of a twist though.


david barnby:
funny looking eh? that's what they said when jacky brabham showed what a small wheeled, rear/small engined funny looking race car could do to the indy 500 in the 60's. brit invasion wasn't only about the music  ;)

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