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hi all!

i've got an Action FireDart that has taken quite a bit of abuse and has spent the last couple years in its bag in the garage in need of repair.  the webbing on the nose is punctured, thanks to one too many dives into the playa by newbies at burningman, and the flexible black tubing which hold one of the struts has torn along the hole drilled through it.  the tubing i'm not too worried about - i've replaced that before and it wasn't a big deal, but that was a loooong time ago and i'm not sure where i'd find it now, or how i'd drill it myself.  can i order one of those somewhere?  the nose, though... it seems like it should be pretty straightforward, but i have a feeling that maybe it isn't.  i haven't pulled it apart yet, but it almost looks like i could just pull out the stitching, get some new webbing, and put it back on.  is that correct?  i have a sewing machine that should be able to handle that thickness of material.  i don't have a way to properly cut/seal the edges of the webbing, though.  is that hard to do?

before you say "replace it"... i LOVE this kite.  not only does it have many memories wrapped up in it, i just love the feel of it.  i love its heft and speed and NOISE!!!  i love that it is huuuuge.  i love that it had a habit of occasionally dragging me a few feet at a time.  i don't want some light little quiet number - i want something so stinkin' loud that your odds of hitting a pedestrian are virtually nil, but scaring the poop out of one is quite high.  i see Action is no longer around, and of course technology has changed everything... but i can't imagine replacing this kite with something 'dainty'.

i appreciate your input!
ahh....fix it..AND ask Santa for a new kite for Christmas as well!!!
Were you are you located?  There might be a member nearby that can help guide you on this.....

The nose....yep, you are thinking correctly.....pull the rods out....then you can remove the one there (I would take photos of this process to help remind you how it goes back together again)....
Seat belt webbing would be fine to replace it back onto the nose of the the lines where they were before....and then trim the edge up....

The tubing: I am sure you could find replacement tubing at a hardware store....
you could just upgrade all 4 of the fittings at once for a few bucks by getting the newfangled molded rubber ones you can find by clicking here:

Keep at it....they live very long lives with relatively few repairs needed to keep them going!!!!
i like the two-part idea   ;D

i'm just north of seattle.  i'd love to say i did it myself, but my two-year-old twins give plenty of chances to fix things on my own, so if there's someone up here that is good, i'd certainly jump at the chance to have a professional repair done.

regarding the tubing, i've thought about upgrading, but i have this idea that those rigid ones might be less forgiving and i'd risk breaking struts.  i'm basing this on exactly zero knowledge, so i'd love to know if i'm wrong!

Hot cutting and sealing the new nose webbing wouldn't be a large problem.

You'll need a metal straight edge and a 25 watt or higher soldering iron. you should be able to find one at any electronics, hardware or tool shop (heck even K-Mart & WalMart have them) for a few bucks. Here's Harbor Freights Offer

Click for Price

Let it good and hot, After sewing the new webbing on place your straight edge over the kite sail aligned with and just slightly outside the leading edge fabric. OVER the sail and new webbing so if you slip while cutting you can't go into the sail. Then cut and seal the new nose, practice on some of the spare webbing to find the pressure and speed you'll need to get a good clean cut.

ha, cool, all stuff i have at home already (except the webbing).  looks like i have a project for a rainy night after the kids are down.  thanks!!  can't wait to get this thing back in the air!   :)
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