A question about the Peter Lynn Peel
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Good day fellow kite pilots! Greeting from the Philippines islands!

I am new here in this forum, though I browse and read before I signed in. I am  kite Fan and we try and help promote kite flying in my area since it is also part of our tradition.

Modern kites are hard to come by here since it is mostly imported, it turns out to be expensive. And even if you want to make one, raw materials are even harder (and costly) to come by.  I would like to seek help from the more experienced kite fliers here if they happen to have information on how to bridle a 5m Peter Lynn Peel. This kite will be donated to us and it is brand new but does not have any bridling. I've search about it and its been around awhile. A few questions besides how it is bridled (please note I have no experience in doing foils,  though I have made myself an NPW).

1. What is the type of cordage used in bridling?
2. What are the size/poundage of the bridling and flying lines used for the 5m peel?
3. How much line do I need to purchase to be able to complete the bridling for this kite?

If you can direct me to any links that may answer my questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking time to read this post.

KAP - Kite Assoc. of the Phils.
Mindanao Chapter

Check out our local activities: https://www.facebook.com/KitePH?ref=hl
I just sent of a request for information on the 5M Peel to Marijn Tijhof, who's a Peter Lynn rep.    He might not respond for a day or so because of the weekend, but I will post back with his response.

Otherwise, my friend in in another state has a 5M Peel and he might be able to provide the information although he would probably have to measure the actually bridle instead of having the measurements on hand.

Ugh, the Peel bridle is really really complex and a ton of work. Plus i would not trust any measures taken from a kite because of its age and complexity.

Agreed (dual line with lots of cross-bridling).... that's why I was hoping to get the information from Marijn directly, first.

While PL does sell complete bridles seperately, the Peel had been off the yearly pricelist/catalog for quite some time. 


Totally awesome fellow kiters, really appreciate your reply. I know its gonna be a challenge bridling this one but if you come from a place where quality and branded kites are hard to come by any help you can extend in terms of knowledge exchange is a big contribution to our cause of promoting kite flying.

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