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How much of an upgrade is it from a SF 2.3 Pro to R-Sky Krystal Std?
Is it worth the $$$?
How much do you rank your skill level? Have you explored the SF 2.3 Pro completely and done every tricks it's capable of?
And why upgrade?
I wouldn't think of it as an "upgrade".....more an "addition". A good reason/excuse to acquire another kite....
I have cheaper kites and costly kites and each one has it's own charm and characteristic(s).
Actually I'm looking for a standard that can handle lower winds better.
The SF seems to require more than 5MPH to keep afloat, so maybe I'll keep the SF for higher winds.

Also, partly because I do not want to go for actual UL yet. I thought maybe Krystal can reach a lower wind without switching to weaker framed ULs...
Bob D:
If the Krystal is anything like the Nirvana standard it's got a decent amount of pull and it's lower end isn't as great as some other kites.

Each kite has its own wind range. I'm not sure about the Krystal but I DO know the Skyburner Widow Maker has a really nice range and it can do just about anything. Same with the Benson Deep Space. The Blue Moon Exile has a nice lower end but it really starts to pull at the upper range. They all have a lower end than the Nirvana. I have all these kites and I really like them all.

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