Urgent help on Sea devil UL
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Mick P:
Anyone knows the type of construction frame used for my Sea devil UL lower leading rod? Is it available at any kite shop or should I order it directly from Lam Hoac?
Visual inspection on the rod indicates it is 72.5 cm long (with the wing tip nock removed) Sky shark II wrapped tapered construction but I cannot tell the OD and thickness (5T or 3T, etc...).
Hope tpatter can comment since he seems to have close association with Lam and Lam is currently on the road (base on his last post from Taiwan airport)

I recently bought this kite from this forum, and unfortunately I broke the lower leading edge during the first 5 minute of myfirst test fly  :( It was strange since the ground impact was not that hard and it breaks right below the APA lower spreader fitting.
I need to find a replacement rod asap, so any suggestion would be appreciated.

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if you pull it out it should say on it what rod it is......

btw: you can get all the rods you need right from this website.....check out this link: http://www.chicokites.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=101
I would bet serious money that its 3pt, but I will ask him next opportunity that I get.   

The kite likely uses 5pt for the lower spreader as well, so you may as well go ahead and order a 3 and 5 or two just to have a couple on hand.
Mick P:
Thanks thief for the advice, removing electrical tape on the rod revealed 2PT on the lower LE rod and 3PT on the lower spreader and Chico Kites got all the rods I need.
Tom, can you verify the rod sizes when you got a chance? Also do you have dimensions of this kite's bridle?
Very much appreciate everybody's help. It has been a few months since I joined this forum but I am already welcomed to this small but tight knit community.
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