Ara I hope this helps 540's

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Ara,  I thought I'd try and give you some visual of how I do a 540's.  When I was learning  a lot of good people gave me some great advise.  I'd post my practice and they'd comment.  It worked well.

This video is only showing how I DO IT !!   I hope it helps.  It may or not be the way others do it.  Just my way of trying to help you...  Good luck and let me know if it helps... If it helps others Great. 

The 540's at the end are higher up in the air and easier to do... notice less effort...
I suggest doing them higher.  The guys sort of got me going on doing them lower and lower... Might not be best advice in the beginning.  I stayed with the low concept and worked harder...
The wind was maybe 2 mph.  I was flying my Ocius Sul ...

Norm helped me with a private video of how to do FFF's.  Got to take a chance every now and then...

Just another newbie sharing ..

P.S.- I'd luv a video on Lazy Susans Multi's and Slide ... Please !!!

540 instruct

Ara Ararauna:

Hey vertigo2u!
Thanks so much to dedicate this video to me!  :o   :)

It is a great video to learn! I think I had the idea pretty much OK but I see I don't have to lean forward as much as I did and I need to give at least one more step after the pop.
Is that right?

I haven't had good weather these past days so I haven't been able to practice (so I have been at home programming the new colorizer).

So I'm now really excited and hasty to be able to go out in the field and try this out.  :P
I will surely be reporting on how I do.

Thanks so very much again!


You'll find out some times you will barely move.  I watch and wait for the kite to lay out flat and POP !! If the wind is a bit stronger you just move with it to slow it down...  Our wind has ben extremely light lately.  Keep us posted.


Great to see your flying continue to improve.  ;D

The 540 at 2:06 was perfect and flat.  8)

Your choice of colors is a stunner. Love the red color and the new panel layout on the Ocius

John Welden:

Looks like you're nailing the conventional technique. It took me like 12 years to learn that  ::)

Something more advanced you can try now.

Try to fly the kite into the nose away position. Don't let the nose rise and fly in nice and smooth. Fly into a super slow down wind glide. Don't just give a bunch of slack and bang the kite into a pancake.  Give the least amount of slack possible for the wind conditions so you can remain in control when nose away.

Then instead of popping for the 540, just sort of take up some line and persuade the nose to come around. Then keep on working the lines and guide that sucker around like you're doing a controlled pinwheel. Nice and smooth. Stay as relaxed a you can and don't panic.

The key is to maintain a down wind glide. The kite has to be moving down wind. You can flat spin until you run out of altitude.

This is how to do a table top slow flat spin.

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