Where to tie those darn lines
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well grounded:
Hey all,

I've got a Beetle 2100 stunt kite that I can't get to stay in the air. I think part of my problem may be where my lines are tied to the kite. Where, exactly, do I attach the lines (and maybe how), so I get the best response. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Until then, I'm well grounded.

P.S. I can add a picture if that would help (providing I figure out how to do that  :-[)
Every sport kite should have 2 TOW POINTS.

It is normally where all the smaller bridle lines come together.

There is one on the left and the other on the right.

Many times, the tow point will be a heavier line.

The attachment is done with a Larkshead Knot. You can Google

videos on the knot or watch this: (it's British so it is the best)

David Barnby taught me that.

Larks head knot

Here is a Beetle showing the 2 attachment points:

Click on the photo below to go to the larger picture.

Good luck.

well grounded:
Thanks Chilese - just one more question, if you don't mind. I was thinking about putting rings on my tow points to make it easier to attach the strings, would i run it between the two lines?

Thanks again.
Kites use to have metal rings.

It is not needed and should be avoided.  :)
I disagree with John on this...if you want to put fishing swivels and clips on your attachment points.   It does make it easier to attach your lines....if you end up getting into a lot of the tricks you will not want them on there because they might chew away your sail...but for basic flying I would say go for it....

I like these for this application:

you squeeze the sides to get the top to open like a paperclip....
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