Fazer XXL by HQ Video

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A quick movie (1080p HD option pickable) made by Britt, Bambi and myself.

Kite on loan by the sponsor at right:

A Wind Of Change Kites

Thanks Kent.



Cool.  I think with a little bit of playing, that thing can get pretty serious.  It looked like it had some pretty decent speed for being such a huge kite.  Maybe 15mph winds would really get it rockin'.


i think it looks a heck of a lot better at 120'!!!


does it get faster based on the settings? Thought it was primarily a speed kite?


The earlier portion of the video had the bridle set heavy for speed.

The later video had the upper inhaul shortened about 4 inches.

I had added one knot to the upper adjustment, so the speed setting

I was using was probably 3/4" "friendlier & slower" than the stock setting.

The kite becomes much more digital the heavier you go

(flying fast or stalled, nothing in-between). The kite was going faster

than it appeared in the video. It is almost 12 feet across.

Also, on the tricks portion, I was using 85' x 175 lb lines.

The kite must pull like a Peterbilt when the winds get to 15 mph.

But, it is not going to fly in 1 Beaufort as the literature states

that the fun begins at that point. I'd say 10 mph minimum if you want

the thrill stuff. YMMV

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