Herb Weldon Synchro nose repair
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Hi all,

I have to replace the nose of my Synchro.

The nose is built with spinnaker... and is a bit damaged...

How is yours ?

Do you think that I could replace the nose by Dacron or do you recommand to keep spinnaker (less weight but more fragile) ?

I have read too into the “Synchro I instructions” :

"The SYNCHRO is not reinforced (leading edges, nose, etc.) like many kites, in order to reduce weight and to increase performance. Therefore, it will not tolerate aggresive flying, rugh handling, ground drags, etc. without wear ans possible damage.

NOTE : SYNCHRO II does have some reinforcement, has a higher wind range, and is more tolerant, but take care should  be exercised”.


Who knows where are the Synchro II reinforcement ?

Thanks in advance for your advices.
how did you wear it out?   Are you going to wear the next one out in the same way?   
As in.....did you drag it around on its nose for a bit and will you do that again?

I would definitely say put ripstop back on there....keep the weight down........
Hi Thief,

My Synchro is a second hand, but very nice kite.

The nose has a damage (a very little hole) on the back of the sail but I wish to make a very very clean repair.  :)

How is your Synchro nose Thief ? Spinnaker too ?
i do not have one.....i would not do it justice!!!!
You could split the difference and use the 1.5 oz Dacron used on leading edges in SUL/UL's, you would hardly know the weight difference on that small of a piece and would gain considerable wear resistance over .75 oz.

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