Thanks for the Giving

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I would like to give a "Shout Out" to the GWTW Forum

(Steve & Chris) for keeping alive a Forum that gives a lot

more than it asks for.

A variety of subjects from computers to cars to kites are

usually answered within an hour. Much faster than if I went

to the "correct" forum to get an answer.

Although there have been many bumps on the way, the road

is still well travelled and scenic.

Thanks GWTW.  :)


Ditto!  ;)

white wing lover:

As a member with very few steps traveled on the GWTW highway, I must concur with sentiments offered here and add my own wish to extend a note of gratitude to all who contribute to the needs of the community here and suggest that the kindnesses experienced here would serve all humanity well and we certainly have the capacity to do just that.  :) :) :) :) :)


Steve and Chris, John said it very well!

I appreciate the forum, its moderators and, of course, you, our hosts.  :)

Being one who has limited time and venue for flying, you all help keep the spirit of kiting alive in me when much of the year my lines are indistinguishable from the ground.  ;)

Thanks for being friends, and here's to a happy Thanksgiving with your family.

Steve Hall:

Thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving from the Hall family

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