hey big brother

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david barnby:

years (maybe decades) ago you recommended a board game to jeremey - he was asking for something new and addictive as his boys and he were at a stage where they were looking for such a thing. i remember him being well chuffed with your suggestion


have got grandparents and grandkids (neither mine) in the house for christmas and they are avid board gamers - it would be great to have something new to them in the house for them to take out their aggression as a family once i got their bellies filled with bad food

if you still have the passion and knowledge for this specialised subject would sure appreciate any tips


Not having a clue of what he suggested but I am a huge fan of SET and the other games from that maker....all card games.....
SET can get quite rowdy with a good crew of people...


Depending on his age, we play a card game called "munchkin", many variants of it as well. You can also see the comic of the guy who does the art for the game at www.dorktower.com


SET is an excellent game.

We have well over 100 board games.

Games we play: (the first 4 are mandatory)

Acquire: (there have been at least 4 versions, we have the first and third)
(designed by the late and great Sid Sackson, one of the reviews is mine)

Settlers of Catan: (there are many expansions and variants)

Carcassone: (there are many expansions and variants)

Niagara: (one expansion not needed)

Manhattan: (tough to find, one of the reviews is mine)

Ticket to Ride: (many expansions and variants)

Puerto Rico: (a complicated game that makes the most sense as far as the mechanics when played, hard to find)

david barnby:

Thanks all - is a board game I was after. This gang not so hot on cards

John - the Niagra looks like it might fit the bill

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