Advancing in my flying; big THANKS
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Ara Ararauna:

I arrived back home a while ago from a really great flying session at the beach. I'm soooooo tired but also sooooo satisfied.  :)
Also I taught myself a humbleness lesson: "never blame the kite when you cannot make it fly"

I am now learning how good the Soul is.
I am starting to be able to control it and it is a great feeling.
Of course my bridle was initially a bit off adjustment and I did not use the different settings for different wind strengths.
But even then I was tending to think the kite I had chosen was not good enough. This was being presumptuous on my side...  :-[

Today it was a very nice afternoon. Sunny, clear sky and a bit windy. So I had to fight a bit with the kite.

Nevertheless I managed to do my first 540s with the Soul!   ???

Unfortunately I couldn't video record it... but they were coming out really flat and fast.
Since the wind was strong I had to really run towards the kite as it was diving and then do the slack and pop.
Wow! I couldn't believe it.
Of course having done it first with my TalonUL helped a lot, but it is a big step going from doing it like in slowmo with the TalonUL to doing it lightning fast with the Soul and especially in the mid-strong wind (I didn't measure it today).
I did like more than 15 really successful 540s with really flat spins, no tangles and clean exits.  8)

As the wind died down later on though, it became a bit more difficult to do them and I got more tangles or the kite went into turtles. I guess I was not adapting to the wind change (or I was already tired).

Therefore I started to try the cascade and I think I got it!
It is such a strange feeling doing the pop with one hand and then the other on the right and then repeat on the left...
I managed to do several that were 6 steps long (right-left x 3). Don't know why I couldn't make them longer. Guess I get tired too soon or too excited!  ;)
At the end I could even see how the kite was passing through the different positions. As if I were doing it in slowmo, but I wasn't.

Summing up. I think today I've given a huge step in my flying learning process and I wanted to share it with all of you. Especially those that have helped me so much with advise.



Congratulations, I am so happy for you! And I am jealous ;)
It's a great feeling when a trick finally comes together! Well done!
Ara Ararauna:
Quote from: Hadge on November 23, 2012, 11:13 AM

It's a great feeling when a trick finally comes together! Well done!


The interesting thing is that once I got the 540 I thought about what was different from what I had been doing.
I came to the conclusion that the way the 540 is usually explained does not match my experience.
Usually people say:
1. dive the kite,
2. give sudden slack with one hand further out than the other to get an uneven pancake,
3. then pop the hand that is behind
4. give further slack to allow for rotation
5. pull the lines after 540 rotation to exit upwards

The part that didn't match to me are points 2 and 3
To me it is more like:
2. give sudden slack with only one hand
3. pop the other hand by moving it slightly forward and then hard back

So as I feel it, the hand that pops does not really give slack together with the other. It goes after the slack has been given and give a little slack because of the need to have some distance for the pop.

Anyway, I guess everyone has its own way of seeing and feeling the tricks.
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