FM Wireless Outdoor Speakers

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Does anyone have personal experience with any of the models?

We've read the reviews, but wondered if there is more we should

consider or research.

Needs to be AC powered (batteries also is fine), good sound,

and the ability to go through a few walls.

Thanks.  :)


you may be looking for a jackhammer. I am not sure how you would get a speaker through a wall. although come to think about it a jackhammer may be over kill .. I would think a decent roto hammer would suffice. and yes, some come battery powered The biggest problem will be to get one (roto hammer) that sounds reasonably good .Stereo and balance could also be a problem Anyway time for my meds. hope this helps
Regards Kurt ps I am sure Sam will chime in soon


Thanks for the jackhammer thought.

I'm looking more for FM transmission strong enough to go

through some walls and not disturb the paint.  :)

Sherman Myers:

Brookstone has a wireless speaker that I have use (through several walls). 


there are bluetooth speakers out there that would work...what is the source of the muzak?

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