XUL Mini Canard

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A little something i build last night:

And on its maiden flight


Wingspan is 40cm, spine length 43cm and weight is 1.3grams without the tail.
The tail i had to improvise for the maiden flight because with the given wind it was not stable.
Either to much wind, or not enough V in the main wing.
But i'm quiet happy with how it turned out so far, and i got enough ideas how to make it even lighter and more stable in flight :)


Quote from: ae on November 24, 2012, 08:58 AM
weight is 1.3grams without the tail..... i got enough ideas how to make it even lighter
Heisenberg's kite - I am uncertain it will still exist.



How is it without the tail?
Fly inside???
Lets see some more pix!


Finished the next one, got the weight down to 0.9 grams, same size. But I think the framing got to soft, to be really useable. It curves to much when applying the tension on the frame. and doesn't glides as well as the other.

Thief: without the tail it seems to have a much lower upper wind limit before going all spinning. Indoor flight works, but i have no practice with it.


Very nice!

What fabric and carbon are you using?

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