Epic day of flying

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We've had some very bad weather in the Seattle area for weeks now - mostly constant rain with no wind.   It's usually always wet here, but we get nice breaks of sun and wind most often, so it has been tough.

Today, we were treated not only to lots of sun, but also decent afternoon wind, so I took advantage of it!  :)

Winds were very light starting out, so I had these 2 out for the first couple hours.

There was literally nothing in the beginning, so I played around with the TNT Zero catching what breeze I could and then doing 360s. 

Thankfully, it starting getting a little stronger over the next hour and it all became much more fun - I could just stand there and fly.  I the pulled out my Tekken SUL.  The wind was up and down, but getting continually stronger, so I kept switching between the kites having fun.  After a while, it got too strong for the zero and I kept on the Tek.  Just super sweet winds, having all kinds of fun and working on getting my taz a bit to get it to 100% and just having a good time.

After awhile, the wind really started picking up and, while the Tek was doing fine, I thought it better to switch out to something else, so I pulled these babies out.

And let the good times roll!  :).

It remained fairly strong for most of the afternoon and then eased back down to the light stuff towards dusk so I switched again.

And isn't this a nice looking couple?! 

Just thought I'd share my fantastic afternoon out! 



That's a nice trio of kites to have available.  :)


Nice quartet, too. Great looking Vendetta.


Very nice. Its great to hear about peoples daily flights.  I had 2 kites out today for the first time. My rev and zephyr.... i refuse to be restricted to one or the other!

Good winds to ya!


Thanks guys, I do enjoy the kites.   The Vendetta is not mine - I recently borrowed it, this was my first time flying it.  Nice kite - I had a great time with it.  It's a beauty.

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