With My Bare Hands

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Last night at the Friday Night Fly™, winds started out at 15-20 mph and

over the hours settled into a very bumpy 3-8 mph.

Kent and I went over the very nice build quality of the Fazer XXL he had loaned.

He noticed that the wingtip tensioning I added, had loosened a bit, probably

due to sail stretch (and I learned the battens were supposed to go on the back

side of the kite, duh). So Kent really cinched down on the multiple wrap wingtip

tensioning. And, indeed, the wings curved a bit more and the sail tightened.

Ten minutes later, when the wind had died, we starting putting the kites away.

One of the recently severely tightened leading edge spars had ribboned in bending

on the lower spar. We looked at each other sheepishly. I'm sure we both

immediately went back into our pasts remembering other times where an innocent

kite was wounded by our "superior" muscles and inferior thinking.  ::)


This is why we hide the keys for the munitions bunker* from you and Kent.

* "All problems can be solved with the judicious use of explosives."  ::)


Lee S:

Bare hands, Bear hands, it's all the same thing :D

david barnby:

arghhhh!! that feeling when i snap a stick with hands impatient with cold, normally a wrapped spar getting pulled from a leading edge connector - hands belonging to bears should stick to the other end of the lines :-[ :-[


Sundered spars are stilling infinitely preferable to the sound of rending Incarex/Nylon/Chikra/Oztex/etc.  :'(


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