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Three three 333333  I have to do four.   :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

I loaded Windows 8 two weeks ago.  Last week taking it out.  I lost my C file and all my summer videos.  I always video when I fly to study.  Gone.  I was putting together a clip with all my FFF's from the summer gone.  Ara looks like me doing FFF's.  Running around.  hehehehe .

I found a couple clips of FFF's.  I like this one a lot but a little shaky !!


Ara Ararauna:

(from Milano, Italy. I'm on a work trip and just arrived to the hotel... Imagine how insane I am that I'm already looking at the GWTW Forum!!!!).

Wow thanks! A challenge especially prepared for me!
What an honour.  ;D

I guess I have no way of escaping now...  ???
I have "the right equipment"...  ::)

So I have no excuse right?

OK, I've never rolled the kite on purpose, so I guess it's about time I start.
However, I cannot get the kite to fade yet...  :-[   :(

With the TalonUL I dive the kite, I flare it and when I try to pop it to fade, it stays in the flare...
This happens if I make a deep flare.
If I barely give slack and then immediately pop without allowing the kite to enter the flare, I can sometimes get the fade.
But doesn't last long.
So I guess I'll have to wait a little to get my set of straps...  ;)

But start preparing them anyway!  :D


A couple weeks ago I started to extend my arms FULLY.  It helped get it into a Fade.  Darn thing is I can do a Fade launch and hold it.  The end of Sept when we had a fun day at the Beach.  Dave B. was flying his Widow Maker.  He loves to fly it in a Fade.  He said he held on for six minutes.  I have been practicing when I get the chance.  For me the best FFF's I do is when I have the lines more to my side and behind me.  Then when I fully extend forward and right myself up again.  Sometimes it goes real nice. 

I may not be able to get four a lot.  But Norm you did teach me the trick.  The trick isn't 4 in a row. ( you %$#%$^%$$)    I have done some really nice one's and a lot of doubles.   :-* :-* :-* :-*

p,s,- Ara your in Italy ?? how about posting your trip.  Some video stuff.  It would be nice to see.  Also watch out for the Palermo Team.  Tough group of flyers.  Great Team.


my 6yo while playing with his hand held video game...."Dad... who's JOE and how come he can't fly a kite... Hey JOE.. not very good JOE."  2 minutes later... "Another jOE... Not good Joe..."  my gosh its like sponge bob!   (he is still doing it 10 minutes later!)

well JOE... I am sure sooner or later we will get over to your side of the state and he can teach you... it will be like having NORM right there with you... and I will bring you some OLd PRISM STRAPS I am not using anymore!

ps... I do enjoy watching your videos JOE and wish we could get together sometime.

pss... NORM... please... no more videos!  or I will hack your computer and make BARNEY play continuously!

psss... "try again JOE... You can do it JOE!"  still going

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