Some SUL flying using Norm's Straps...

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I thought I'd share some of my flying from last weekend. Just some messing around, there's no Virtual Freestyle contest to get footage for, so I'm just working on getting control over the kite. Oh, and my one new trick for 2012, the backspin cascade. Still a work in progress, as with everything. It seems that I got in a lot of the footage as well, which helps me see what I'm doing wrong.
You can't see too well, but I'm using a pair of Norm's Straps (2 finger) on 65' lines. They are perfect for low wind flying, keep the lines in the right place and are super comfortable. Thanks for making such great straps, Norm !

I hope a few of you can see my inputs for some of the tricks & maybe it will help, and maybe some of you who know better can give me some suggestions... my flying has hit a glass ceiling and the only progress I have is cleaning up my flying.

Be warned... this is a long video, but I did post it in HD (full screen it...) with some nice mellow music to set the mood. Hope you enjoy.


Flying the Fearless Tattoo SUL.... December 2012

Very pretty Rob. Your framing of the video is gorgeous with the beach, fog and building. Nice flying.

What kind of kite were you flying? Sorry, but I'm not as knowledgeable with all of the styles. Looked like one of Lam's kites. Tha trocky beach made me a little nervous, but thank goodness that's up to your skills and  not mine.    ;D

Quote from: Tmadz on December 04, 2012, 04:56 AM

What kind of kite were you flying?


great seeing you getting along so well with the Tat Rob. The rising fades and for sure your 540's are SWEET. I will work on my backspin cascade more after this Thanks for sharing NOTHING LIKE SAND for flying LOL

Sorry Mike. I was distracted at the beginning of the video.


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