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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and I just bought a new BMK Chicago Fire Kite Team Killer Bee v2.0 #47 made in 10/03. I was wondering since Mr. McNeil closed BMK this year will parts/service be available through someone else? I'm not too hard on my kites but I was just curious if I needed any help where I could go to get help. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Ken prior to the closing of the factory gates....

"Now for a little news - I've decided to close Blue Moon after my
existing orders are completed.  That includes Mojos #7-20, and a set of
three Mambas.  Rest assured that your kites are important to me, and I
will build them to the same standards you've come to expect over the years.
Jon, at SkyBurner Kites, has agreed to take over long-term support and
repairs on the BMK kites.  I set this up because I probably won't have
the parts and materials on hand to provide service as needed.  Shorter
term, you can still reach me for help with any problems of questions.

The main website will go dark next week, but the forum will stay up, at
least until the end of the year.  The Blue Moon page on Facebook will
come down in a few weeks.  I'm working on a new site at for future projects.  You're welcome to subscribe
to the RSS feed at
Not sure yet what I'm going to do, but I do have some other projects in
the works.  Thank you all, for your business and support over the years,
as well as many of you, for your friendship.   After my orders are done,
I'm taking a few days off to map out a new direction.  Going to
disappear into the hills with my fly rod and camera.
Take care, and good winds.  See you out there...

Thanks indigo_wolf for the post! I appreciate it! :)

Ken also pretty much just used slightly modified "Off the shelf" parts, Skyshark spars cut to length and APA connectors, which he helped design BTW, but Ken drilled them out slightly so you didn't have to fight the spars in and out, Steve right here at GWTW/Chico Kites or any other retailer should be able to supply them.

Thanks mikenchico for your input as well! I know that BMK are very popular-it was a little sad to see Mr. McNeil have to close his doors. Its good to know that parts will still be available.


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