Chinese fishing line for kites?

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Just bought 300M of 90lb fishing dyneema from China on eBay (Item #180904766591) for 10% of the cost of LPG, namely $12 delivered. Looks OK, if a little harder.

Anyone try this stuff for fly lines yet?

Ken C


Hmmmm...doesn't really work very well.  A couple of folks over here have tried similar stuff and found that although it didn't seem to stretch when they made the line set up, if flight it stretched horribly and tangled up far too easily.  You might get away with it on something like an indoor kite, but anything with any sort of real pull is probably going to make a mess of it.


Life's too short to use cheap line!


I do use fishing lines for my light wind lines, and they work like a charm.
Of course good quality ones aren't that cheap either.
I use powerpro hollow ace because it can be spliced and powerpro slick for my spectres because its like the lightest line on the market and still be good. A 8-braid with 20lbs.


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