AVFFF "Trick Challenge" Now CLOSED

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This is the AVFFF. The challenge is meant for Beginners. You will need to video yourself doing 3 rotations of this trick. Special rules apply for Joe. (4 rotations) and NO cut & paste  ??? :D You will win a pair of Norm's Custom 2-finger straps. Joe, watch this real close and I think you will see 7 rotations.  ;)

Edit: RobB will also have to do 4 rotations. Poor Joe & Rob & Charles P.  ;)
Edit I will honor the first 4 videos posted.

Tip #1 Snap your arms to get the nose started under.
Tip #2 While your arms are still stretched out from giving slack. Once the nose is pointing back towards you Snap/Pop your hands back towards your face to unroll the kite.
Catch the kite back in a fade and continue the rotations.
Tip #3 If winds are 3 to 4mph use shorter lines...65' or 75'. Try it you might like it.

Ara Ararauna:
OK Norm...
Tomorrow I will start practising.
Hope I can get it   ::)

P.S. Does your Talon UL have no roll bars? At least I can't see them in the video...
Why is that?

Charles P:
 I want to throw my hat in the ring!! I've been playing with this trick since I first saw the AVFFF thread and on my best day have performed two.   :(
 I'm likely not to win this one but I'll give it a try. (weather permitting)

 I'd just like to add that I really like these trick challenges, I never heard of a French Flic-Flac until that last challenge.
  Someone said this challenge was directed at beginers, I consider myself an intermediate flyer and it makes me wonder how high is the bar set?!?!? I've been flying for over 5 years and tricking off and on for most of that time, seriuosly tricking for over a year and this trick is not easy!!!
 Fade manouvers and tricks based off of them are my favorites such as back spin, back spin cascade and lewis (Jacobs ladder I've almost figured out and can do one rung sometimes two) still working on the inverse. Aww hell, I'm rambl'n!
 To the winner go the spoils!! A fine set of finger straps. I'm just going to have fun trying to pull this trick off, thanks for the video and keep the challenges going!!   :)

Bob D:
I'm am SO jealous of nice, wind beaches with steady, clean wind.

Quote from: Bob D on December 07, 2012, 04:05 AM

I'm am SO jealous of nice, wind beaches with steady, clean wind.

Hey Bob,
Hop in the car & drive out to Long Island someday. I'll show you some good wind...


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