Help me pick my next Lam kite

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So i have a Really old sea devil mid vent that i really like. Te looks are great and it flies great. I also have a fearless vented light ame a transformer ssul...

So with lams kites, its hard to tell what the size diffences are in the sails, and the weight of the frames.

So i am debating, should i get a full vent sea devil for those high wind days that i dont want to break out the quads?
Or should i get a different model full vent?
Last option would be to. Replace my tired old mid vent sea devil with a new icarex one?
I know technically you can fly the full vent light i havein high winds but it does not feel like its going to survive it some times...

I think Lam has two FV, one is FVL with 3PT bottom spreaders, and the other FVS with 5PT bottom spreaders.  I can fly with the 5PT one at like 30mph of wind though I pretty much cannot do any tricks.

Flying any sport kite in 30 mph winds is a trick in itself.  ???

My most heavily vented kite would have trouble in 30 mph winds

if I wanted it to do more than hang stalled at the top of the window

until the wind backed down to the low 20's.

Voodoo vented:

Have you really flown a sport kite in 30 mph winds?
Not just stalled it at the top and waited for the wind to subside,
but flown it around?

Flying in this high wind is pointless - but it better than sitting in front of the TV set?

My pick would be the L'Atelier xt.z. with 150# test lines.

I never flew in winds above 20-22 mph or so because I am always flying on the beach ... after this level the beach sand becomes airborne.

As you can see I still keep this kite just in case I am foolish enough to fly in these high winds but for me its high teens.

Your better off getting a Fearless SUL Vented which I am planning to order in February 2013 as my new kite. Once you trick a Lam kite why buzz around in CIRCLES and Figure 8's at 30 mph?

Whatever ...


Transformer vent - 5 pt frame.   Assuming that you like the way your currnent Trans flys. 

2 bits of high wind flying advice.

1) He who hesitates is lost. 

You can do it all, but its all about speed.  So, you've already got to be ahead of the kite for trick flying, now you need to do all that in much less time.

2) Some tricks are easier than others.

In 20-30, you will find it hard to flick flack or JL in the middle of the window without sprinting forward.   However, you can comete, insane, cascade anywhere in the window while just standing there.

So, unless you want a workout, cerain tricks anywhere, others nearer the edge.
Also, you have to keep the kite tricking combos if you want to maintain control.  If you allow it to stop, the sail will find wind and power up on you.

Trans is good because it is smaller, sheds wind very well on the nose-forward knot, has little pull, and can trick/maneuver very quickly when you tell it to.

Anyhow, just my 2 cents.



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