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I was lamenting to Steve the other day that we haven't had a good music thread in awhile. I always enjoy them for the exposure to things I haven't run across before. Well I got an inspiration to start one when one of our kiting friends posted an excellent video of his son and band in an acoustic living room cover of Jessie J's Domino over on facebook that is worth the watch (I think it blows the original off the charts). He didn't put it up here yet so I will, thanks David - So what are you enjoying listening to today that we should hear?

Spicy White Louie

Spicy White Louie Jessie J - Domino Cover (Acoustic)


I am a fan of the Killers.

September 2010, the lead singer, Brandon Flowers put out a solo album, Flamingo.
I like it more than the Killers albums.
There is only 1 song on the CD I didn't like.

This music video has the added benefit of Charlize Theron as the hero(ine?).
This link has no advertisement:

BRANDON FLOWERS "Crossfire" on Vimeo


Really liking this, Gabe Dixon Band


for your exposure increasing, a little jazz manouche, by the excellent San Francisco based Gaucho.

Sing On - Gaucho featuring Tamar Korn


Quote from: fidelio on December 10, 2012, 01:33 AM
Sing On - Gaucho featuring Tamar Korn[/url]


got a new Pandora station out of this!!!! love it!

i do listen to Pavor Stelar on Pandora.....a jazzy electronic group...

and my standby is Martin Sexton...

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