Is slot Machine actually a 540 ...

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but having the kite flown horizontally instead of vertically?  I can do 540  horizontally with the exact same hand movments that I do flying vertically, but I do not know if I am actually doing a slot machine.   :-X  Confused.


It seems to me to be closer to a Taz than a Slot Machine, ignoring entry and exit directions. The Taz's and 540's rotations in the flare continue in the same direction of rotation as the offset movement entering the flare.


A Slot Machine only rotates 360 degrees.



Hope this helps

 - Axel & Slot Machine is 1 full rotation (360 degrees).  Kite starts and ends the trick facing you

 - Taz & 540 is 1 1/2 rotations (540 degrees). Kite starts the trick with it's nose way and finishes facing you

Now go watch them on video.

Steve Hall:

a vertical slot looks like a 540 (if done right) and gets a full 540 rotation .... am I misunderstanding the question?

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