Revoholic (video)
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...hope you like it :-)
Awesome!  I saw some things in there that I had not seen before - good stuff!  I like that your flying style with it seems more dual-line freestyle to me which I find appealing.   
Awesome kite and flying..... awsome outfit!   

I was hoping i wasn't the only one with a winter wardrobe!   

Norm, Joe and I will send you some pictures all dressed up in some snow gear  8)  I will load his up with a few hand warmers... the cold affects his flying i think.    I think we are gonna get snow this year
Ca Ike:
Nice flyin Peter.  i like to do a more aggresive style on my revs too.  Still your common rev moves but they look quite different when you add that hard hitting intput to them and give it a snappier style.
Thanks for the video and excellent flying.

I should send my 2 Revs to you for training.

They won't do near as much for me as your Revs do.  ::)
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