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did anyone of You made comete trick with Elixir and can Elixir  made comete trick?
Comete is more new trick!


If a kite can do an half axel and a snap lazy, then it can do the comete.

I think Elixir can do both and so it should be able to comete.

Ca Ike:

Yes the Lix can comete and quite nicely too.  There is just a few yoyo trick variations I haven't been able to to on the lix due to lack of stops but so far there isn't a trick out that this kite can't do.

Curtis Bias:

It is really no problem to add the stoppers to the Elixir.


While it may be easy to add stoppers, there is no real need to.

The kite will fly, wound up, without stoppers even if you miss the

upper spreader connectors with the lines. The curvature of the

leading edge is sufficient to hold the lines in simple flying.

Granted hard cornering or multiple yoyos probably won't work

without the stoppers.

The Elixir is the most complete trick kite, even by today's standards,

that does not resort to weights or stoppers. Just my opinion.

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