Laser Pro 50# line friction

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Mick P:

I have several 50# Laser Pro dual lines and they have higher friction compare to other higher pull rate lines.  I can feel the friction after only around four twist wraps, and they also make creeching noise.
It doesn't make sense to me since 50# lines have much finer construction in compare to 90# or 150# lines and therefore should be smoother and have less friction.
The LP 50# lines I am refering to are provided with my Prism 4D (20 ft an 40 ft), and another LP Gold set (75' 50#) I bought from a reputable kite shop.

Most of my kites are ULs and 80% of my fly time is within 3 - 8 mph wind, I ended up using 90# lines and tried to avoid 50# lines due to the issues mentioned. Anybody has the same issue? For those who don't, please tell me the source where you got them. Thanks.


They have 'break in' period for the lack of a better description.  Keep flying, they will quiet down and get more slippery.

Ca Ike:

The coating LP used is a bit sticky to start with. 50# line takes almost double the flight time to smooth out as other line weights just because of the lack of line tension to create friction.


LP Sport line is a different critter than LP Gold...

I think you will find the the Laser Pro's Gold line much superior to the Sport Line...


A better choice for 50lb. line, at least for recreational purposes, would be Shanti in any flavor.

While not quite as low stretch, and we are talking very little difference here, it is much, much smoother, will wrap much better, and is generally more fun to fly with.

jmo, ymmv..

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