Virtual Freestyle Round 25....

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Round 25 will be kicking off very early in the new year.....

I'll publish the official dates over christmas, but I'd thought it would be worth giving a heads up :wink:

This round is an 'Eolo' round.
Eolo have very generously topped up the two Kites that Alex Belov put as prizes - Eolo Mambo and Venice SUL - with a Neox and six caps.  8)  8)  8)

Ok, dates for this round are....

Start on 4/1/2012
all entrys in by end of 17/2/2012
scores in by end of 3/3/2012.[/size]

many Thanks to Eolo and Alex B for the prizes.. 8)  :D

Would that be 2013?  :)

;D yes 2013....

Don't forget that VF has adopted a standard file name format. It Is....

VFRound number - name - whatever file extension is appropiat)

so for me this round it would be.... VF25_Yan_UK.wmv   


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