Multi Yo Yo

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I start with a pancake to fade to half barrel roll to roll up.  As soon as the kite finishes overrotating but before having the nose pointing upward, I push both hands to give lots of slack to roll it up 2nd time.  I can only make it once out of like 5 times today.  For those that fail, I end up in a turtle position.

Any idea how to increase the rate of success?  More slacks to both lines?  Timing?



Catch the kite on the yoyos and then give a light pop with immediate slack for the second yoyo.  You can just keep doing this as many as you like, but the more rolls, the harder it is to successfully unroll.   2-3 is usually no problem.   

You can feel the easy pop in the lines as you do it.  It's one fluid motion, don't stop the kite.

Good luck.

Fearless Object:

Have a wonderful Christmas and many many yo yo in the new year coming my friend :)

Good day !


You too, my friend, Lam.


Any video with multy Yo Yo?

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